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St. Martin's was founded in 1926 and from 1932 to 1971 the RAF provided Chaplains to take care of the spiritual needs of the growing Anglican community on and off the base.  The chapel was on the RAF Base which is now Al Mahatta Museum in Sharjah.  Below is a rendition of the church by a RAF man stationed in Sharjah in 1969.

Chaplains for St. Martin’s in Sharjah & Holy Trinity in Dubai

1969-1971        Rev’d Kenneth Ridgewell

1971-1972        Rev’d Canon Haydn Parry

1972-1978        Rev’d Phillip Sturdy

1978-1981        Rev’d John Paxton

1981-1984        Rev’d Phillip Saywell

1984-2001        Rev’d Dennis Gurney


Chaplains of St. Martin’s in Sharjah

1989-1992           Rev’d Michael Darby

1993-1997           Rev’d Brian Bradley

1997-2003           Rev’d Bill Atkins

2003-2003           Rev’d Stephen Wright

2003-2004           Rev’d Gilbert John Linden (Locum)

2004-2013           Rev’d Ernest Victor

2013-2014           Rev’d John Chapman


Locums of St. Martin's in Sharjah

10/2014-12/2014         Rev’d Michael Crawford

12/2014-02/2015         Rev’d Christopher Mann

02/2015-08/2015         Rev’d John Roland

08/2015-10/2015         Rev’d Richard White

12/2015-02/2016         Rev’d Pius Iroka


Parish Priest of St. Martin’s

02/2016 – PRESENT      Rev’d Drew Wayne Schmotzer

RAF Church Sharjah.jpg
Rev Bill Atkins  (sometime pastor at St
Rev Bain Bradley and wife Rosemary with
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